Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's early morning.  I'm up before the first "Mama!  Mama!" Up with the birds, the deer and the sunrise.

It's beautiful, and it's all mine.

I found an enormous desk yesterday.  A retiring sewer letting go of a lifetime of stuff, pairing down and moving on, closer to the grandkids, closer to the end.  The desk is 10ft by 6ft, room to write, room to sew.  So much will happen at that desk...stuff I can't even fathom...lingering, festering, chomping at the bit.

Today marks the first day of this long weekend.  I want to go up into the mountains.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

BeComing Home.

We're getting there...that bit more comfortable, that much more familiar.

Giving instead of asking for directions; strangers are becoming friends,   We got a couch and a blue floral chair, and the moon picture has a wall of its own.

Tomorrow I see about a desk: a sewing, writing, 4 years worth of exploring place to be. My second piece of Craigslist luck making this place home, as life unfolds and the mysteries begin to show themselves.

Right now is all good.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The beginning.

If I could describe the last 25 days in a word it would be tumultuous.

Actually, this has been brewing for months...months and months of preparation...but the last 25 days has been the start of the actual adventure, the driving away from familiar and into the unknown.

We left home (like home as in deeply rooted, familiar and loved) to here: new and different, uncomfortable (at times) and unsure.  Like a fish out of water or an alien from another planet, that's how I felt.

But, there is no turning back, no change of mind...this is now.

So I venture forth, chin up and smiling through gritted teeth.  I figure things out and take the heat (literally, it's hot here-like Africa hot).  My fears and trepidation like beaded curtains to pass through, glimpses of good on the other side....glimpses of something at least.

This blog is the unfolding story of our next 4 years.  Right now it is a mystery...but eventually it will just be.  I look forward to all the good that lies ahead, 'cause I know it's coming.

Ready, set?  Here we go...