Friday, October 4, 2013

To every day, turn turn turn.

So, this morning I did the unthinkable and the desperate:  For lack of cream or milk, I strained my kids' cereal milk into my coffee.  I actually think it's pretty ingenious...Desperate times call for desperate measures.

After zapping it for the 3rd time in the microwave, I think the Honey Bunches of Oats taste is neutralized.

We are now into freezing, having lolled in the last of summer warmth yesterday.  Mid-night hail beat down on our bathroom skylight, a not so gentle proclamation of a new season.  The sun is still out, but it's cold...and oh so beautiful.


  1. What! You use a microwave?!?!

    My whole impression of you is shot now.


    1. It is built into the house...we couldn't remove it if we tried. Both Richard and I stand atleast 10 feet back when we fry stuff in it. I think it's 90's.