Sunday, September 8, 2013

A New Phase of Normal.

We've entered into a new phase of exploration and adventure.  School is in full force, programs have begun, and I've opened up to the many many things this place has to offer.

It took awhile but I am ready to delve.

Last week, G and I took off to Cheyenne Mountain State Park to hike with a ranger and learn about what's what.  It turned out that I knew so many of the plants, familiar and different at the same time, just a little more drought tolerant and a lot less green.  It was that moment of being here that I felt purpose, envisioning 4 years of learning and potential, and that feeling of wanting to fly.

I have since signed up with the Urban Gardening society, RSVPed for the Urban Homesteading tour, booked an art class for me and G, and will go again and again to Cheyenne Mountain for their preschool programs.  And, sometime in the next month (before we go home for my bro's wedding), we plan to go camping for the weekend at Mesa Verde, a wee bit further south.

My goals here include:

  • learning how to garden in the Rockies.
  • reaping all the knowledge I can about Urban Homesteading, all the how to's and possibilities, so that I can expand on what we've already begun at home and make my dream of a working Sub-urban farm a reality. 
  • A weekend adventure a month.
  • keeping track of all of these adventures here.  (For future reminiscing and referencing purposes.)
  • start sewing again.
Thrift store shopping isn't really a goal but is fun.  So, I'll be doing that and maybe talking about what I've found...and, of course, all of this will evolve (as will I) and things will change (as will I) and new goals will develop.

But, basically, YAY!  The, "I just want to go home" has turned into "I can't wait to see what's next", and that's good.  

Good is good.

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