Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mental Homesteading.

I keep saying, "You know, I'm actually kind of getting into it now..."  And I am.

Today was the Colorado Springs Urban Homesteading tour.  My joie de vivre and interest of all interests, I happily hopped from home to home, listening, documenting, making grand plans.

Other than the 6 or so pots of starts on the deck, I won't really garden much here.  Not my house, not my garden, so it just doesn't make sense...But I do plan to learn from this very dedicated and vibrant locavore community, to reap information and sow mental seeds that will, one day, become OUR farm.

This was my idea all along: to learn and learn, to devise and scheme.  Among other things...

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  1. Loving reading all of these. You are such an inspiration. thanks. Thank you so much.